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Most climbers can clearly recall their first lead in vivid detail however long ago it was. Most would also say that learning to lead changed the way they looked at climbing.  Once you are leading you constantly need to balance both the mental and physical sides of the sport.

Our Learn to Lead course we will start you on that path. We will go over all your skills at placing natural protection, building belays and belaying from above and below. We will go on to look at important strategies for leading such as route-finding, down-climbing and finding rest positions.  We will talk about the psychology of leading and look at some techniques for staying calm under pressure.

If both you and the instructor believe you are ready you will then have the opportunity to take your first lead climbs.

 For the Learn to Lead Climbing Course you must already be competent at seconding to at least V Dif standard. You must realise that when you are leading there is always a possibility that you might fall and that such falls will always be bigger and far more serious than falling off when seconding or top-roping.

Your instructor will not let you lead on the course if they do not think you are ready. If you do lead they will use all their experience to put you on appropriate routes. They will generally be along side you on a rope to offer help and advice but again cannot guarantee that you will not fall.

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1 person - £185

2 people - £200

Please send an email with your preferred dates and itinerary and we will get straight back to you regarding availability.

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  • Hi Ian ! Thanks for making a great weekend for us we had a superb time in your company, really enjoyed ourselves. thanks for making up the CD for us, that's great. Looking forward to those action shots !! Would definitely be good to catch up with you again Ian .. we'll get on the case building anchors in the lounge and hopefully be up to scratch for the next time ! Karan just called me and we discussing stiff arms and shoulders but said she's dying to get up there again :-) !! ~ Rob and Karan. Intro Rock Course
  • Ian, many thanks for an outstanding weekend - you judged our ability perfectly and tailored the programme accordingly. We will be talking out that final pitch for a few years to come..... ~ Chas. Guided Scrambling