Kalymnos Sport Climbing

Kalymnos epitomises fantastic holiday sport climbing in beautiful surroundings more than anywhere else I have ever climbed.

Until only 20 – 25 years ago Kalymnos was a lucrative sponge producing centre. Its divers were famed for their ability to dive in deep water and hold their breathe for up to 5 minutes while searching out the sea creatures. However a rare disease destroyed the harvest in 1986 and synthetic sponges have also reduced the market for the real thing.

In its place a new industry has arrived, tourism and climbing in particular. To stay in the bustling village of Masouri during the peak spring and autumn season you would think everyone one in town was a climber. The locals have fully embraced this new economy and you are just as likely to meet climbers from Eastern Europe, America, or Australia when you sit down to a well earned beer at the end of another great days climbing.

The facilities

We will stay in clean but simple apartments in Masouri. Breakfast is generally included and it is easy to pick up fresh bread and snacks for lunch from one of the many shops on the way to the crags. Many of the crags can be reached on foot though most climbers rent a motor scooter for all or part of their stay to give the flexibility to visit the more distant crags. For those that don’t fancy riding scooters, car hire is also available. In the evening there are many reasonably priced restaurants to chose from many specialising in excellent local sea-food. If the arms get too tired there are some great walks on the island or if that sounds too energetic there are some many picturesque harbours and lovely beaches to just while away an afternoon. For something a little different there is a natural underground cave with amazing stalactite and stalagmite formations – just don’t forget your headtorch.

The Climbing

Perhaps most famous for the very steep climbing in massive caves festooned with huge stalactites and tufas there is a great variety of climbing styles on the island. To summarise most of the climbing fits into 3 main types.

  1. extremely overhanging rock with blobs tufas and stalactites.
  2. Slightly overhanging or vertical, smooth white and orange walls, with pockets and smaller tufa features
  3. Grey slabs with sharp rock that has been sculpted by the rain (gouttes) with little iron knobs cemented into the matrix

Many of the best routes combine 2 or o even all 3 styles of climbing in a single pitch.

Sport Climb Coaching or restful holiday?

The main focus of the week is up to you. If a having a holiday is the most important thing then we will ensure that as well as doing as much great climbing as you want that you also have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the island. Alternatively if you wish to focus on progressing your sport climbing we will give you advice and techniques to help you climb more efficiently and improve your grade at the same time.



A typical Week

Day 1       Travel to Kalymnos
Day 2–7   Climbing with plenty of time for swimming and site seeing
Day 8       Return to UK

To get the most from the climbing on Kalymnos as a minimum you should be capable of seconding F6a either outside or at the climbing wall. In English trad grades you should be happy seconding to HVS.

Private Bookings: Cost & booking information

 Please get in contact for price and further booking arrangements

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  • Ian, many thanks for an outstanding weekend - you judged our ability perfectly and tailored the programme accordingly. We will be talking out that final pitch for a few years to come..... ~ Chas. Guided Scrambling
  • Hi Ian ! Thanks for making a great weekend for us we had a superb time in your company, really enjoyed ourselves. thanks for making up the CD for us, that's great. Looking forward to those action shots !! Would definitely be good to catch up with you again Ian .. we'll get on the case building anchors in the lounge and hopefully be up to scratch for the next time ! Karan just called me and we discussing stiff arms and shoulders but said she's dying to get up there again :-) !! ~ Rob and Karan. Intro Rock Course