NGB Refresher

We offer refresher courses for SPA, Summer ML, Winter ML and WGL awards. Your instructor will have considerable experience at working on training and assessment courses for the award you are working towards. They will therefore be perfectly placed to give accurate feedback on where you are at regarding assessment and any elements that need further work.

These courses will look at your existing skills and offer instruction in line with the syllabi for the various National Governing Body award schemes overseen by the MLTUK. If you have an assessment for an award coming up but still feel there is ‘room for improvement’ these courses are ideal. There are many varied reasons why you may benefit from some additional instruction before an upcoming assessment.

It may be that you did your training course a long time ago and that you would like some of it refreshed.

Or possibly that there have even been syllabus changes since your training so there are elements you will be assessed on that you have never had any formal training on.

Maybe you just lack confidence and would benefit from going out with someone who can offer feedback on what you are already doing.

Please note Climb-Mountains is not a registered provider of MLTUK awards. The refresher courses on this page are not recognised training or assessment courses for any of the awards. Any instructor working on these courses will have experience of delivering training and assessment courses at another centre and therefore be perfectly placed to give you honest feedback about your current ability. If you already have an assessment booked please book a refresher course AT LEAST 4 weeks before your assessment begins. That will allow you time to practice and consolidate any issues that arise from the refresher course.